looking for joy

by Betsy

It’s funny what happens when you start looking for something.  All of a sudden you see it everywhere.  I’ve just started this little joy exercise.  And in the last two days, I’ve found reasons to be joyful in nearly everything.

I experienced moments of joy this morning while I was out on my run.  So happy to be able to move easily, thrilled to be close to the ocean, content even though I didn’t expect to see the sun today.

When my girls were bickering during breakfast, I scrambled to find something joyful in the midst of their grumpiness.  And I realized I have two lovely children with beautiful voices, even if sometimes their voices are used for the wrong reason.

When my mind starts to wonder and I begin to feel down, I turn quickly to catch joy.  I know it’s there waiting for me.  It’s simply a matter of looking for it.