seeking hope in tragedy

by Betsy

A shock that brings me to my knees.  A despairing sadness that makes me question God’s existence.  A loss that simply cannot be explained no matter how hard I try.

In these moments of utter despair, I can only turn to the mystery of God.  I can only wait.  Desperate for the moment when weeping turns into the promised dancing.  Does it really happen?  Is it possible that we can move forward from this moment?  I can’t see the hope.  And joy?  Will that ever come again?  There is only a long, dark and horrible journey forward.


That is my prayer for you today and forever.  As your suffering drags you to the pit of darkness, cling to Him.  Find safety in the shadow of His wings.  There is a hope offered that I grasp at because I don’t know what else to do.

May you be given strength to do so too.