finding church

by Betsy

Central OregonToday I didn’t go to church this morning.  I just couldn’t.

Because church doesn’t have to be confined within four walls.  Because gathering together as a family shouldn’t mean segregation based on age or current marital status.  Because church could be a mutual conversation, not a man that talks at a group of people with no break in monologue. Because church shouldn’t be a place where the door greeter is the only person not too busy or distracted to acknowledge me.

Today I would create my own church.

I bundled the girls up and we went to the river – an unrestrained and free creation that moved us to worship.  Together we played in the snow, counted ducks and let the sun warm our cold cheeks.  We hugged and laughed and loved each other.  Lunch was spent in fellowship with the Harris family.  It was loud and honest; we discussed God and art, ego and how to make a good cup of coffee.

Today I found church.  This church wasn’t confined, uncomfortable or lonely.  It was real.  It was encouraging.  It’s what church can be, should be.