goodness is a gift

by Betsy

Winter view

My world has been tossed upside down as the reality of the dark world we live in makes itself more known to me.  I’ve been shaken.  Now as I begin to stand up and brush myself off, everything looks a bit different.

I thought I lived in a safe world, a protected world where good things are given to those who deserve them.  I really never voiced that opinion but now I realize this is the way I was living.  I’m embarrassed.  I’ve been living with the attitude of the entitled.  I deserve good in my life.

I don’t see the world that way any longer – and for that I am grateful.  I see the world for the dark, evil place it is.  But with that, I now see the everyday good that happens – snowflakes, good health today, a well-stocked kitchen, friends that love me, sunny days – as gifts. Not something I am entitled to, but something to enjoy and appreciate and give thanks for.  Tomorrow may bring something different.

We are not guaranteed anything but hardship, tragedy, heartbreak. But this ugly truth turns every good into a grace-filled gift and my gratitude takes me to a place of true thankfulness.