good morning, again

by Betsy

Deschutes River

The beginning of each new day is full of possibility.  Each day is precious, never guaranteed. Today could be my last, but it might not so I try to balance my living.

I will still go to the office but I won’t take things quite as seriously.  I’ll have fun and enjoy myself and encourage those around me to do the same.  I will look for ways to do good.  I will examine my motives and weed out the selfishness that sneaks in at every moment.

And just in case it is my last day, I will make sure that those near me know how special they are.  I’ll be sure to tell Kaia that the stories she writes fill me with joy and pride.  I will tell Elliot that nothing compares to holding her warm, 4-year-old body close to mine, the weight of all that she will become heavy and promising in my arms.  I will tell Mike that I’ve never been happier.  And I will scratch June’s furry little head for a little longer than usual.

good morning, again.